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My leadership skills have been attested to by taking on and managing additional roles during nursing school; for example, I was a member of the Nursing Student Association, Editor-in-Chief of the nursing newsletter, "Vital Signs," and I coordinated the Relay for Life volunteer community fundraising. Taking on these additional roles helped me to improve my delegating skills, which is pertinent as a nurse. Having the ability to delegate appropriately to unlicensed assistive personnel will prevent errors and save time, which both lead to improved patient outcomes. It is also a skill to work with other members of the interdisciplinary team such as physicians, social workers, physical therapists, pharmacists, and dietary. Again, working closely with other members of the team will ensure that patients are getting the best care possible. As a leader, it is also crucial to advocate for patients and ensure safety is a priority.


Nursing Student Association


Click below to see the Fall 2010 Newsletter, "Vital Signs"

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Relay for Life- Millbrae 2010


Relay For Life

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