I would like to share an example of patient centered care from an incident I encountered during nursing school. I cared for a patient who was not expected to live, however she turned a corner and was improving; her family was by her side at every moment. The patient was in pulmonary edema, but she quickly responded to diuretic therapy. She was supposed to have a procedure and was to receive nothing by mouth, but the procedure was continually canceled due to her condition. She was incredibly hungry after going an entire day without eating. The family was upset and continually asked the nurse to contact the doctor to change the patients diet. The nurse I was working with was swamped with tasks to complete, and I knew that I needed to step up and take control of the situation. I tried reaching the doctor but I had no luck. The charge nurse was busy and there was no manager on shift at the time. I utilized the chain of command and contacted the nursing supervisor for help. The HBS doctor was finally reached and an order was put in for a clear liquid diet. I'll never forget the specific instructions the patient had for the soup that she had been craving. The family was extremely happy that the patient was finally able to eat since this was the most important thing to the patient at that time.

Challenges will always arise as a nurse, but it is my role to provide patient centered care 100% of the time. This is vital in order to maintain a trusting relationship with patients, as well as their family members and friends.