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I implemented safety measures with all patients I have cared for throughout nursing school. I always taught safety measures that patients should use at home (such as fall prevention), and provided constant measures in the hospital to ensure patients are safe. Safety is a high priority on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and it is so imperative to implement safety precautions because it is a basic necessity that all patients deserve. It is also important to mention that patients who fall (especially elders) may never recover to their previous level of function. We owe this to our patients to always evaluate potential safety hazards to eliminate any risk for patient harm.

Managing Assaultive Behavior Certification

11/1/2011 7:24:24 PM
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Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification

10/28/2011 10:39:53 PM
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Basic Life Support Certification

10/28/2011 10:41:27 PM
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