At a young age, the process of teamwork was introduced to me while playing softball and soccer. I learned that we could win by taking the time to practice throughout the week, and strategize on ways to improve our functionality as team members.

In nursing, I am able to apply these life long skills of being a team player and collaborating with all disciplines into my practice. During nursing school, I contacted dietary, the pharmacy, and physicians often to ensure that patients receive timely and accurate care.

I was involved in many group projects during nursing school; one that stands out to me was educating college students at Skyline Community College about free healthcare services in the Bay Area. A group of 5 nursing students (including myself) gathered information on free local health care services such as RotaCare. RotaCare has 10 clinic locations in the Bay Area, and provides services such as lab and diagnostic testing, and medication management. These services are free to those who do not have health insurance.

Together, we worked as a team to educate members of the community on services that are available at no cost. This took planning and good communication skills in  order to work effectively.